We are the team that create luxury holidays and personalised itineraries to destinations across the world. Like our customers we’re on a journey. We are aligning our teams, and investing in training, enhancing our expertise and improving our relationships with both our customers and our travel partners. From these seeds, we’re growing plans that will make this an exciting place to work. We’re in constant pursuit of exceptional travel experiences. We’re respected, not only by customers, but by industry specialists and our award winning background speaks volumes of the work we do to achieve the highest of standards.

Our vision is to become the best in class. Whether that’s in our service to our clients, building relationships with our external partners, or valuing the hard work our staff contribute on a daily basis. We’re on a journey to ensure we create the right environment for people to do the very best work they can achieve. Our dedication means our customer satisfaction and loyalty is incredibly high across our entire portfolio. Our brands frequently receive industry awards and media recognition for their offering.

We love what we do. We’re passionate about travel. If you love travel too, join our team.


A day in
the life...

Lucy. Destination Executive

So, how do you begin your day?

Walking into the office I am surrounded by elephants, crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and dense jungles.... Ok, so these may be posters on the walls, but it’s such a lovely welcome, especially being met with a friendly hello from the receptionist before I get my morning cuppa from the canteen. I sit at my desk, log into my computer and I’m ready for my day.

Describe your workload. Does it vary?

Working for Travelopia is no ordinary job. Throughout my first year at Travelopia I went on quite a few day trips which involved sipping mocktails in stunning lounges at Heathrow Airport, or helping out at the bustling Destination Show in Central London, selling and promoting our holidays to lots of interesting and well-travelled people. Throughout my day I am constantly immersed in the world of travel, learning about different countries, their culture, food, climate and wildlife. You need to know your stuff...

What’s your experience of career progression at Travelopia?

Initially, I joined Travelopia as a Destination Specialist. My role was customer facing, listening to their wish- lists and advising them on holidays to suit their needs. I spoke to knowledgeable clients and put together their amazing itineraries. These can be complex with all the flight timings, airports and passenger details. I loved my job. Recently, however, I gained a promotion and used my customer-facing knowledge and destination expertise to become a Destination Executive in the product and purchasing team.

Have your responsibilities changed?

From my previous customer-facing role I am now much more involved in meeting those who supply the extraordinary adventures that our customers love; hoteliers and tour operators from across the globe. When I’m not attending meetings, I update our social media channels and maintain our website. I also attend events wherever they might be in the UK. You could say I have a truly International job where no two days are ever the same.

What’s the worst part of your day?

Learning more about these incredible destinations has extended my travel wish-list considerably, and I just want to go everywhere! But I cannot complain. I’ve travelled extensively with Travelopia: Mauritius, Dubai, Sri Lanka Tanzania and stunning South Africa – my personal favourite. I’m now working for Austravel, so hopefully a trip to the South Pacific, Australia or even New Zealand might be on the cards.

How would you recommend others to pursue a career at Travelopia?

To anyone wishing to apply to Travelopia, my advice is to be your best, most confident self, and don’t try to be anyone else. Everyone is different in the office. We all use our personalities as an advantage. Our clients know that we are genuine and that they can trust us to provide the perfect holiday. We’ll look after them every step of the way. So, if you are prepared to work hard and love to travel, then this is the place for you.